Troubleshooting Wi-Fi Option Disappearing In Windows 8 The Easy Way

You may encounter an error related to Wi-Fi setting disappearing in Windows 8. There are various ways to fix this issue and we will talk about them in a moment.

Why did my Wi-Fi option disappear?

If the WLAN option present in Windows settings has disappeared from the blue sound, it might be due to your card driver power settings. Therefore, in order to restore the WiFi option, you need to change the power management settings. Here’s how it’s done:

Restore Wi-Fi Icon From Hidden Area Display

Sometimes you can move your own Wi-Fi Icon to the Hidden Area Display. So, before proceeding with the solutions, you can check the displayed hidden area and also check if it is there. So just click the up arrow on the taskbar to continue. When it appears, drag it to the taskbar.

Use The Rollback Driver Option

Windows will definitely take a few seconds (or temporarily, depending on the case) compared to the previous version. my driver but you won’t get that or a fast confirmation at the end. It is recommended that you restart your real computer after a few seconds for the changes to take effect.

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wifi option disappeared windows 8

How To Fix The Wireless Network Setting Not Showing Up In Windows 10

In this section, we will compile A list of basic and effective troubleshooting methods that should help you fix your Windows 10 Wi-Fi problem. Follow the instructions for faster results.

Methods To Fix Missing Wi-Fi Icon On Systems Windows 10

You may have accidentally dragged but also dropped the Wi-Fi icon into the task container. This is a decent bug and can be fixed by dragging it to the last network icon.

wifi option disappeared windows 8

Wi-Fi Turns Off After Sleep

Your wireless connection is working fine until your new computer goes into sleep/hibernation mode? You are probably dealing with an annoying power-saving option that prevents your computer from re-establishing a WiFi connection after exiting the game. To fix this, type in a meal plan in the search box bar and select “Change Diet Plan”. This will open your computer’s current default power settings. Then click “Change advanced power settings”.

Why Might My WiFi Network Not Work?

If your WiFi network in Windows 11/10 doesn’t say Make sure Wi-Fi is enabled on your device. Can it cause physical switch, internal setting, or both. Also try restarting your PC, modem, and router. Another typical solution is to turn your router and device off and on again to fix internet or wireless connectivity issues.

Wi-Fi Troubleshooting Video Guide

WLAN correlation issue is a very annoying circumstance for PC user. You want your problem to be solved already. WiFi icon, WiFi connection issue, WiFi root issue, adapter, etc. can all be resolved by following these methods. To

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Fix Restricted Wi-Fi Connection Status In Windows 8.1

, if the method above doesn’t fix your annoyance, try fixing your wireless network profile issue, delete and reconnect. Something may have gone wrong with the wireless security key (WEP or maybe WPA 2) in the router or just in your computer and you need to update it.

Update/restart Your Wireless Installation Adapter Driver

If set (the wireless network problem icon is missing)appears in the device panel) was launched after the latest version of Windows, the wireless adapter driver may be corrupted or incompatible when you use the current version of “Use Windows”. Try updating or reinstalling the latest Wi-Fi driver available on the current system to restore the Wi-Fi icon and Internet connection.

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